Tips for promoting an eco-friendly policy in the company

“Today humanity uses almost double the available resources and produces more waste than the planet can regenerate and absorb. That is, we use the resources of tomorrow to meet today’s needs”. This is the picture that emerges from the latest Global Footprint Network sustainability report. Underlining the urgency, which can no longer be extended, to ensure the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation, without compromising those of future generations. In every sphere, activity and social context. For this reason, companies are also taking steps to reduce their impact and to implement a sustainable and environmentally friendly business strategy.

In pursuing this goal, human resources can make a difference. In her book CSR for HR: A Necessary Partnership for Advancing Responsible Business practices, the author Elaine Cohen states that “the real role of the human resources professional is to to help convert the sustainability impacts of a company on employees into positive impacts of employees. ” It means involving all people in the company in eco-friendly actions and promoting good practices, both inside and outside the office.

Let’s look at some of them together.

Reduce paper consumption

Go digital to reduce the enormous waste of paper. Starting with the introduction of company apps, intranets, online tools.

If printing is truly a necessity for your business, advise employees to make the most of both sides of the paper and avoid color printing. Whenever possible, print or recommend printing in fast draft mode: this way, the printer will lighten the inkjet slightly, keeping the content still legible.

Are you responsible for purchasing paper in the office? Order sheets that are chlorine-free and contain a high percentage of recycled elements.

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Encourage sustainable travel

Motivate employees to choose public transport or bicycle to get to work. If possible, provide them with parking or a safe place to leave their bikes.

And if your company provides employees with company cars, insist on buying or leasing the next-generation hybrid models.

Plastic away!

More and more companies are choosing to be plastic-free . The transformation can take place gradually, through some first measures such as: providing reusable or 100% recyclable plates, cutlery and glasses; replace the water bottle dispensers with drinking fountains; encourage separate waste disposal.

Use less electricity

Ask all employees to turn off their PCs, screens and lights when they leave. Opt for compact fluorescent bulbs, as they are more powerful and more durable than traditional ones. In addition, you could suggest, to those who deal with it, that the company enter into a contract with an energy provider that uses energy from renewable sources only.

Involve employees in volunteer work

The environmental sustainability of a company also passes through volunteering. As such, you could engage employees in a range of green and community volunteer opportunities. For example, after work, on weekends, or as a team-building or training activity.

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