Is it your first day at work? Here are the tips to better deal with it

A new office, new colleagues, a new job. For all of us, the first day of work is a major challenge. A new chapter in our career path, which is often fraught with stress and performance anxiety. And the fear of making mistakes right away and giving the wrong impression of ourselves.

How do I dress? How do I behave? Is it better to be proactive immediately or wait to settle in and get to know your new colleagues?

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Don’t panic! To better face this important day, just follow some practical advice. Here are a few.

No more perfectionism

One of the most common mistakes is wanting to aim for the best right away to prove to be up to the role and give everyone a good impression. But this only increases your anxiety load. As the psychotherapist Davide Algeri says: “Anxiety often derives from the tendency to perfectionism, as well as from the fear of making a mistake and making a bad impression. And it can often block the action, wasting a lot of useful time “.

Listen and observe

The first day, and in general the first few times in a new job, serves to acclimatize and fit in. This is why it is important to take an attitude based on listening and observing the environment that surrounds you. Remember that at this stage it is not necessary to try to be the center of attention to emerge and get noticed. Rather, take advantage of this moment to ask questions and clarify doubts, study the company, involve and ask colleagues for advice: gradually entering a new context, with a “soft” approach, is the best way to be able to adapt to its dynamics and be accepted and appreciated.

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The psychologist Stefano Gheno then invites us to β€œlet the desired work: to know, to understand, to enter into a relationship. In this way we will improve our well-being and, with it, the well-being of the organizational community ”.

Leave aside the past and the professional experience that has just ended

Avoid talking about your old job or former colleagues right away. Don’t praise your old boss, or even worse, don’t talk bad about him. This attitude is almost always seen as unpleasant and will immediately create a barrier between you and others.

Creating workplaces that engage the human spirit, writer Jason Sackett advises that β€œ to be pleasing to new colleagues it would be best to be curious about their tasks, their talents and maybe even their successes . This way they will certainly be better prepared to collaborate ”.

Respect the rules

This advice doesn’t just apply to the first day. In every work environment, there are rules established by the company policy. Ask your colleagues for information or consult the rules, if available.

In general, however, there are good practices dictated by common sense and which apply in any professional context. For example, use your mobile phone only during breaks or when it is allowed; remember to arrive on time and be courteous and helpful to everyone.

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