How to support employees during business changes: the best HR strategies

Companies are constantly undergoing organizational and structural changes. Whether it is a new leadership, a general reorganization, a merger, an acquisition, a downsizing or simple regulatory changes, these changes are part of the natural growth and development process of a company’s life. With significant impacts on the structures and behavior of workers.

In this scenario, human resources play a major role. First of all, because they must be able to manage and reduce the natural resistance to change that characterizes people’s behavior and which, consequently, slows down the processes of growth and innovation. Furthermore, they must be able to communicate to employees that change is a habit, an inevitable phase (which, at the same time, can turn into a value for the company, as shown by several studies on the subject).

How? Making the company vision transparent and clear. By involving all employees in the change process to keep their mood and productivity high. Plus, following some helpful strategies that will help you support your employees during business changes.

Here are a few:

Inform employees about the transformation taking place

The first advice is to always maintain constant communication in the company. Try to provide the details and the evolution of the transformation. Respond to doubts and questions and, when possible, give precise information about the change taking place. As the American Management Association suggests: “Employees must clearly understand the direction the company is taking and how the change will benefit everyone”.

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What are the next steps? Share a long-term business strategy

During times of change, employees need to be reassured and have a clear understanding of what the future holds. Share with them an overview of the corporate mission and a vision that is compelling and inspiring. As recommended by Fast Company, “people want to know why and they want to know how the company is coping with changes in a clear, simple and transparent way”.

Always involve employees and listen to their point of view

Even in this transition phase, don’t forget to engage employees in the new course and listen to their needs. Give them the opportunity to express feedback, suggestions, proposals and to reward those who welcome change with commitment and proactiveness. This is a way, as the experts suggest, that will involve and stimulate them positively.

Support and be close to your employees

Often a change in the workplace can be a daunting experience: as HR professionals, therefore, you need to support employees throughout the process. Organize individual meetings and show empathy and closeness. You could also consider organizing team building activities as an opportunity for exchange and discussion.

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