The font to use in the resume

When writing your CV, it is important not to overlook the issue of the font to use. The font chosen for the resume has an impact on the presentation of the document and gives the first impression to the recruiter who discovers your CV.

In this article, you will discover which fonts for resumes are worthwhile to use to make the document appear more professional and usable to the reader.

Whichever type you choose, you have to consider some specific variables on the basis of which to prepare the format of your CV. The format is at least as important as the font.

If you are choosing to apply for a creative position, it is very important that you choose the appropriate format and pay close attention to the resume font you enter. In the latter case, you can choose a simple resume template and then modify it to your liking.

It is true that appearance can be deceiving, but in this case, it is good to choose an optimal curriculum vitae font. Know that it is very important for the first impression to make on the recruiter.

It is the content of your resume, both the carefully chosen action verbs and the list of your achievements, that convinces an employer work inviting you for an interview. This is why you spend so much time writing and rewriting it. But don’t worry, you can take advantage of a professional service that will allow you to solve all the problems you have encountered to date, try to fill out your CV online.

The choice of character is equally important. Choose the right template and your resume will be easily read by anyone who needs to view it (or the scanners employers use to capture this information). But if you try to be too sophisticated to attract attention, you risk making your resume virtually unreadable.

What are the best fonts to use?

You must understand that there are two categories in which you can divide the fonts:

  • Font sans serif: they are stylized fonts that they help in reading, perfect for paper printing and immediately recognizable. Unfortunately on electronic media, they have a not too immediate effect and therefore it is always good to use larger sizes if you make this choice.
  • Font serif: they are symmetrical fonts, tiring to read but with a great yield on pc and smartphone. Perfect resume fonts even on the web. They also keep an excellent yield on paper. So these are the fonts that we will now see together.

Let’s find out which are the best fonts for your CV.

Best Font for Resume – What Font Should a Resume Be?

Fonts for the CV!


The Helvetica font is a safe bet when writing a CV. It is risk-free and gives a perfectionist and effective image of the candidate. It inspires professionalism and honesty and is ideal for young graduates and high-tech candidates.

Calibri (Body)

A great font, perfect as a standard resume font. Also useful if you decide to attach a good cover letter.

Calibri is always a great choice.


Perhaps the most used ever. Indicates a youthful personality, a candidate who needs to put the spotlight on his skills. Recommended for those who need to apply for a new position.

Times New Roman

Perhaps a little overused for degree theses and various and possible documents. But always useful to make your CV appear as an important and serious document. Consider this resume font if you’re looking for a standard font.

Your CV needs to pique the recruiter’s interest!

In addition to being neat and tidy, your CV should attract the attention of the recruiter. Here because it is important to find a way to stand out! You can create a more aesthetic layout than simple lists and come up with a catchy title! Let your creativity express, but be careful: within reasonable limits.

You take seriously the possibility of filling out your CV online, it is important to choose an appropriate font and it is for this you must be very careful when choosing.

A font will tell something about you more than you imagine, it will do it without attracting attention but with the professionalism of a well-made document.

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